Eighteen Day-Trips to Thirty-Six Local Gems

Written and Illustrated by Richard Golueke
with a Foreword by Winemaker Jac Cole

"...breaks Napa Valley into delicious, bite-sized pieces that will yield great memories and minimize frustration."

Often visitors experience frustration by trying to see and do too much in too little time. 
Instead of the over-whelming number of recommendations most guidebooks offer, The Illustrated Guide to Wineries of the Napa Valley cuts to the chase by offering 18 mapped and illustrated, pre-planned afternoon wine-tasting trips to 36 wineries and their respective tasting rooms. The author uses his own drawings to uniquely depict the wineries and restaurants that he recommends. 
The Illustrated Guide to Wineries of the Napa Valley is the ideal traveling companion for anyone looking for new adventures in California's premier wine-growing region.

The Illustrated Guide to Wineries of the Napa Valley is unique among guidebooks because it is a "print-on-demand" book.  This is not the kind of book that is updated only when it is reprinted months or years after all the copies in the warehouse have been sold. Rather, this book is printed one copy at a time as orders are received. This enables the author to keep you abreast of winery or restaurant closures almost as they happen and keep you updated to the inevitable changes in winery schedules and tours. You are buying a guidebook whose information is as current as is possible in the print-publishing industry.

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